John Legend ft BloodPop – A Good Night (Video)

John Legend ft BloodPop – A Good Night (Video)

John Legend soundtracks a charming love-in-the-club story in the video for his new song, “A Good Night.”

Legend partnered with producer BloodPop for the track, crafting a snappy, disco-tinged gem about falling for someone at first sight. The video for “A Good Night” recreates that story, with director Mishka Kornai shooting the clip with 23 Pixel smartphones (the video was produced in conjunction with Google).

The video plays with online dating in a real world setting, and follows a woman as she enters a nightclub and literally swipes aside ever guy who approaches her. When her first potential match floors her with a similar rejection, the woman quickly rebounds and finds herself flipping through the various looks of her latest potential partner.

Soon, the couple find themselves engaged in a romantic dance routine and the clip ends with all the other club-goers hoisting the two up, stripping the of their clothes and redressing them in a wedding gown and tuxedo. Legend then jumps down from the DJ booth to preside over the raucous ceremony.

“The song and the video are about a magical night where you meet someone you immediately connect with and can envision a future together,” Legend said of “A Good Night.” “You’re single, dating, probably using all the apps people use now (I haven’t dated since the advent of Tinder, etc, but it’s a fascinating era in romance), and not finding someone special. But one night – maybe caught up in the music or the drinks or whatever – you meet someone that changes everything.”

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