Here’s what these Snapchat filters say of your personality

snapchat  Here’s what these Snapchat filters say of your personality Snapchat


There’s a filter for everyone, even those who seldom use Snapchat. Find out what filter fits your personality.

Playful Kim K and daughter, Northwest
Playful Kim K and daughter, Northwest exploring the puppy filter.
One of the best parts of any day is going into Snapchat to see what new filters have popped up.

And that says something – because each filter, well, tells something about your personality.

Puppy Face
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner using the puppy face filter
You’re a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky person who’s always down for a little silliness.

People might mock the puppy filter for being basic – whatever – but you know deep down that just means they’re even more basic than you are.

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The Flower Crown
Toke Makinwa and Freda Francis
Toke Makinwa and Freda Francis using the flower crown filter
If pretty is the game, then you basically own it. But your beauty is approachable – it’s the kind that makes heads turn at first, then draws the masses into its gentle embrace.

Sonnia Ogbonna
Ik Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia using the butterflies filter
You have the most mysterious, alluring quality about you and people seriously cannot get enough. You’re gorgeous – no denying that – but you’re also reserved. You’re not about that show-all-your-cards-at-once life.

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Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande remains adorable using the deer filter
Your childlike wonder is infectious. At the core, you’re youthful and innocent no matter how old you are – but, honestly, that’s one of your best traits.

Face swap
Snapchat filter
Face swapping is one of the coolest Snapchat filters
First off, kudos: You have reached advanced-level Snapchat status. Not everyone can figure out how to Face Swap. You’re savvy, resourceful, and have a strong enough sense of identity that you’re not completely freaked out when you see your face on someone else’s body.

Filters that make you look glamorous
Jennifer Lopez
J Lo isn’t left out
Make-up filters, crown filters, face tune. You’re charismatic and proud of it. If you have an opportunity to shine brighter, you don’t see anything wrong with capitalising on that.

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Cute filters
Kylie Jenner

Bread face filter, strawberry filter. Your eyes are the window to your soul and you want everyone seeing into it.

Straight-up ugly filters

Facial distortion filters, ageing filters. You can tend toward the dark and serious at times, but people know that when they come to you, they get the real shit. You’re not afraid to go deep.

No filter at all
You either use Snapchat solely as a way to document the rest of the world around you (who needs selfies?) or you still haven’t figured out how to use the filter function. Either way, you DGAF about them.

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