A fashion label sold clay bricks at $1,000 per brick and people bought them

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People are actually paying money for these things? Madness!

Supreme is known for their limited edition items
Supreme is no stranger to limited edition fashion items. Their t-shirts, sneakers and caps are so highly coveted that fans line up outside their stores for days, just like they do for iPhones.

The fashion label made a bunch of clay bricks with their logo on it and are selling it.

For a brand that has made hammers and calculators in the past, this is a new level of ‘see finish’. Clay bricks, seriously? Who would ever buy that?

People queueing for Supreme bricks
Actually, people ARE buying!

Within minutes of being released online, it quickly went out of stock and fans had to wait long hours on the queue to purchase one. Like other Supreme items, it wasn’t long that the $60 price tag in stores shot up to $1,000 by re-sellers on eBay.

The bricks which originally went for $60, soon shot up to $1,000 thanks to demand
The bricks don’t serve any purpose. Supreme would only sell one piece per customer so it’s not likely that any one would be building a Supreme brick house any time soon. So why are people buying?

It’s either the people buying are idiots or the brand is convinced they can sell anything to their fans. Or maybe it’s the two.

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